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Welcome! I am Red, the Writer and I am thrilled you stopped by! Let’s talk about what you will find here.


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Living is a busy work, isn’t it? I bet you are keeping a lot of balls in the air; work, home, kids, friends, finances, and so on. Do you ever have one of those weeks (or months, or years!) where you get to the end, look back and think “Whoa! How in the world did I get through that in one piece?” I certainly do. All the time actually.

In ♦LIVING♦ you will find tools, insights and ideas for Living in the Moment and thriving. These posts are tagged Marriage, Parenting, Food (big time foodie here!), Home & Work/Life Balance.


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We are always growing. Early in life we grow physically by leaps and bounds. We grow mentally by expanding our understanding of the world around us, digging deep and becoming experts in our fields. We are also growing spiritually, training our ears to divine whispers on our path to our most authentic self. We are always in a state of change, of growth. Put simply: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Benjamin Franklin


In ♦GROWING♦ you will find catalysts and inspiration to Keep Growing. These posts are tagged Navigating Change, Inspirations, Divine Whispers, Personal Development,Authentic Self.


writ·ing [rahy-ting] verb: To trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on the surface of some material, as with a pen, pencil, or other instrument or means.To express or communicate. To fill in the blank spaces. To create with words.

What sent the earliest humans to the cave walls with paint? Perhaps it is in our nature to want to create, to express, “to fill in the blank spaces.” Or maybe it is something bigger. Maybe it is a desire to mark the world in a way that will exist beyond our numbered years. For me, writing is how I figure things out, let off steam, make connections, an act of love and service. It is the channel through which my authentic self is best expressed. And this site is my medium; my cave wall.

Eye Hole Sky 3828 from Pexels.com, CC0

In ♦WRITING♦ you will find resources to help you fill in the blank spaces. These posts are tagged Exercises, Inspiration, Prompts, Blogging, Resources & Tools. 

 About Red, the Writer

It is so nice that you found your way to my little corner of the World Wide Web. I am Red, the writer. I also happen to be
a wife, a mom, a corporate cog, a dog owner, an enthusiastic home cook, a really bad decorator, an avid reader, a blogger, an old soul, a social activist…in my own mind and a serial bargain hunter. That is probably not a complete list but you get the gist. This is my space to explore further the one tool that connects all my hats and labels; WRITING.

Now what?

Connection! Leave a comment, like a post, let me know you were here. If you enjoy something, find it useful, pass it along for others to see.

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