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Let’s talk about us!

I am very interested in growing as a writer, learning from other writers, and collaborating in new and exciting ways! I am a firm believer in the “iron sharpens iron” approach. Take a look around this site and you will get a good feel for my style. Here are the types of collaborations I am interested in:

  • Guest blogging on another site
  • Hosting a guest blogger here on RedTheWriter
  • Interviewing other writers to share with my readers
  • Collaborating by posting on similar topics, a “two views of one valley” type experiment with link backs to each other
  • Co-writing a series of blog posts
  • Collaborative contests for our readers, with or without a little competition to sweeten the motivation 😉
  • Collaborations through social media – Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and so on

I am certain there are other great ideas out there for collaborating. I see working together as a real win-win. If you agree, contact me and lets get to it!


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